Academy Advisory Councils

Academy Advisory Councils

In addition to the Governance Team, Academy Advisory Councils may be established to support the Principal of each growth Raleigh Learning Trust Academy in the appropriate day to day procedures of the Academy (through feedback and advice) and to identify opportunities to further improve the life experiences and career possibilities of pupils within the academy.

As the Trust is in its first year of operation, any potential new Academies will be treated on a case by case basis and governance requirements will be set as part of our assessments in the due diligence process.

Membership of any Councils would be managed by the Academy Principal, who would also be responsible for recruiting and appointing members. Membership would include:

  • The Academy Principal (Chair)
  • Between two and four members of the community or key representatives of local businesses – Between two and four parents (who at the time of appointment have a child at a Raleigh Learning Trust Academy)
  • Up to two members of staff from the Academy
  • The CEO, who shall attend at least once a year but more frequently if required
  • A minimum of six members and a maximum of ten, constituted from the above

Meetings would be held at least termly and provide a forum for consultation with community and parental representatives, and a mechanism to ensure the efficient and effective flow of such information through to the Trust Board.