Growth Strategy

The opportunity for growth

Trustees have followed a measured approach to growth, expanding from two to five academies in two years.

Through a well organised and high quality support offer to our local partner schools and academies we aim to support more children who are struggling, to be able to thrive and achieve. Issues around SEND are a speciality of the Trust in terms of focused support.

The balance between capacity and growth is a fine one and the Board has a principled view that growth must not affect quality.

The growth models proposed below set out the manner in which growth can be organised over time. Taking account of the 10 key characteristics of successful Trusts:

1. View the whole workforce as Trust resource

2. Strong partnerships beyond the Trust

3. Cohesive Trust development plan is in place.

4. The Trust has aligned and standardised more of the educational deliver function across its schools.

5. Each Academy Principal has a performance management target to contribute to the Trust.

6. The is a clear talent management strategy .

7. Trustees understands growth cannot compromise the standards of the children it already educates.

8. The Trust Board under-stands the dual function of creating the strategy for improvement and holding leaders to account to deliver it.

9. The Trust enables children from its academies to extend their learning together (e.g. Post 16)

10. Improvement and Curriculum Development is evidenced based.

Working together to drive further improvement across our Trust

Key factors underpinning this thinking

1. High performing Trusts are closer to standardisation than complete school autonomy

2. The Trust academies are diverse so we should not attempt to impose a single model

3. Developing a central team of Trust Development Leads will require commonality in the way we do things.


This is the process of establishing common policies and practices across the Trust and will be subject to annual review. As the Trust continues to develop we will continue to move along the spectrum of areas that are Standardised, Aligned and offer further Autonomy.

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