Vision and Values


Our Aims

The Trust is founded on a straightforward moral imperative. We seek to support school improvement across our organisation in order to ensure that all learners within our Academies are in receipt of the best possible educational services that can be provided within the scope of our available resources. A high number of pupils that we work with will have experienced significant challenges during their time in education. Our purpose is to ensure that every child for whom we hold responsibility has access to the highest possible standards of teaching and learning, supported by strong staff teams equipped with outstanding resources. Our core aim will be to deliver remarkable and memorable learning experiences that the pupils will value and benefit from now, as they progress into lifelong learning, and the potential for a lifetime of fruitful employment.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create the educational and social experiences that our pupils need to overcome any barriers to engagement and afford them the opportunity to become successful learners. We will promote our ambitions within a framework of a caring, supportive and structured environment. We will secure the circumstances within which our pupils will be helped to develop their individual potential for growth, enhance their self-worth and develop their capacity to demonstrate choice and responsibility in all aspects of their lives. Our Trust will secure the expectation of high quality teaching and learning environments within which there are no limits to ambition.

The time that children spend in schools should feature as an enjoyable and rewarding part of their lives. The experience that we provide within school should enable all of our children as individuals to develop the skills, confidence, resilience and resourcefulness they need to thrive and succeed as young people and become purposeful citizens in the future within their own communities.

We want all of our pupils to engage as learners within a climate of high expectation. We will provide them with challenges and personalised opportunities that will enable them to realise the ambitions that they should hold for themselves and that we hold for them.

We aspire to deliver learning within an inspiring environment, rich in learning resources supported by highly qualified, experienced and determined staff who recognise and cultivate the best within every one of our children. As teachers and parents, staff within our schools expect the very best in education for our own children. This therefore is the very least that we expect to provide for the children who attend our schools within our communities.


Our Ambition

Our key ambition is to provide the circumstances within which schools can develop and flourish. We will achieve this by working collaboratively with our partners in order to secure the circumstances within which schools can understand and overcome their challenges and establish solid foundations upon which robust school improvement can be delivered and sustained.

We work with partners to drive up standards and aspire towards outstanding judgments within the OFSTED framework.

Within our Trust we hold children at the centre of all of our work and provide the circumstances within which they can flourish.

Our children will be successful and acquire the skills and qualifications that they need to function effectively within their local communities as they progress into adult life.

Through a well organised and high quality support offer to our local partner schools and academies we aim to support more children who are struggling, to be able to thrive and achieve. Issues around SEND are a speciality of the Trust in terms of focused support.

We work collaboratively with partners within Nottingham City and beyond to secure the best possible outcomes for all our pupils. We extend support to the families of our pupils in order that they can assist us in achieving our collective ambition.

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