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RLT Quality of education Curriculum Toolkit

The Toolkit

The tool is a series of templates that have been developed to stimulate discussion from the ‘Board to Pupil’ and back again. This stimulus will emerge from engagement in reflective inquiry questions set out in each template. These templates are supportive, inclusive, and enquiring and offer a structure for evidence gathering and quality assurance activities throughout the academic year 2019 – 2020. 

Supportive: all discussions will recognise our individual and collective starting points. In developing this tool, the Trust acknowledges we are starting at the beginning and mindful this critical period ahead is ‘evolutionary and not revolutionary’.

Inclusive: participants will include trustees, principals, school accountability holders, staff, pupil, and their families.

Enquiring: this tool will help to maintain a growth mindset during each ‘curriculum discovery journey’. It will provide a structured opportunity to develop a knowledge-rich curriculum that is relevant, meaningful and accessible to all.

The tool will enable Acadmies to distinguish between curriculum intent and curriculum implementation – a distinction determined by Ofsted during the 2018-19 trial.

Seven stages towards an outstanding pupil experience

The tool has been designed to develop an ‘inclusive knowledge community’ where the structured discussion will grow through the inquiry-based questions on each template. Stakeholder groups are proposed to ensure all stakeholders have the opportunity to express their views as we begin this development.

Completed templates will ensure Academies build a comprehensive evidence base for each step of the journey. Also, this evidence base will support Trust colleagues to work alongside academy leaders in a range of moderation activities.

Curriculum toolkit

Stage 2 Template VISION



Stage 6 Template EVALUATION

Stage 7 Template IMPACT ANALYSIS

Memory and recall

The Academies have been conducting on-going research on improving memory process and recall in our pupils and we shared the findings with our colleagues to work collaboratively to ensure that our curriculum supports memory performance.

Please find below a Review of the project and the interim findings from the project trials:

Westbury Academy

Denewood & Unity Academies

Woodlands Academy

TA Colleagues completed a CPD session on what is memory and how can recall and retention be supported in the education setting.

TA CPD Memory and Recall

For more information on memory and Recall, please see our Memory and Recall Handbook below:

Memory and Recall Handbook

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