Trust Development Leads

Trust Development Leads

The Trust Development Group meet during the second week of each half term. The trust leads update the CEO performance dashboard section at week 10 of a full term.

A copy of the CEO Performance Dashboard can be viewed below.

CEO Performance Dashboard

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Safeguarding Lead

The Safeguarding Lead works for The Raleigh Learning Trust. Their job is to: establish and maintain an environment and culture where:

Children are kept safe, feel safe, are able to talk about and are listened to when they have a worry or concern. Parents are confident that their child is kept safe and feels safe. Trust staff and volunteers feel safe, are encouraged and able to talk and are listened to when they have concerns about the safety and well-being of a child.

Family Engagement Lead

The Family Engagement Lead works with a range of parents across the Trust, offering self-help strategies, including strategies to support parents/carers to understand the needs of their children, their children’s education, their own needs and opportunities for social interaction.

Attendance and Punctuality Lead

The Attendance and Punctuality Lead improves Trust attendance through the effective monitoring and support of staff working with pupils, families, pastoral support teams and other agencies, analysis data to guide interventions and evaluating their impact.

Attitudes to Learning Lead

The Attitudes to Learning Lead supports, develops and enhances the teaching practice of all others working within the academies in regards to behaviour management (including non-specialists where relevant).

The lead is responsible for monitoring and evaluating pupils attitudes to learning and its impact on achievement of all pupils and thus ensuring equality of opportunity for all.

Continued Professional Development Lead

The Continued Professional Development Lead provides support to the trust, academy leaders and staff, ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of the CPD policy. Professional development is a central element in the raising of standards, improving quality and facilitating recruitment and retention. The main responsibility for professional development lies with individual academies with the CPD leader acting in a supportive and facilitative role, to build a culture of trust, professional engagement and challenge with evidence and knowledge.

Assessment and Data Lead

The Assessment and Data Lead provides clear, concise and accurate information to support senior and middle leaders in raising standards of performance in each academy. The lead works closely with all central improvement team colleagues to inform support and intervention. They also participate in the strategic decision making at an Academy level relating to all aspects of data information systems and pupil intervention in areas of identified under performance.

Vulnerable Groups Lead

The Vulnerable Groups Lead provides professional leadership and is responsible for monitoring the day-to-day efficient management of SEND and Vulnerable groups and is responsible for the creation, update and implementation of the relevant policies across the Trust.

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