Most younger children will remember

how their school and family home felt

during the coronavirus panic

more than anything specific about the virus.

Our children and young people are watching us and learning about

how to respond to stress and uncertainty.

Let’s prepare our children and young people for resilience, not panic.

The trustees and Principals from across the Trust would like to offer their heartfelt thanks for your cooperation, consideration and patience at this difficult time. We are here to support our pupils and families in any way we can and will continue to do so for as long as is needed during this unprecedented global event. Each Academy within the Trust remains open for children of critical workers and vulnerable children and young people who require our ongoing care and support and Academy Principals are open to hearing from families who may fall short of inclusion in these qualifying groups and welcome contact from you.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust, I have been immensely proud of the unwavering commitment of the whole staff community and feel privileged to lead such a fantastic team of professionals. As I write this, work is underway to maintain school service over Easter and weekends until the summer to support critical workers. Whilst there is much to work through, our intent is clear in continuing to support children and young people in our Academies.

We will continue to set work for our pupils who are not attending school at this time, but, please, do not feel pressured by this. Your children will be anxious about the situation and maybe finding it difficult without their regular routines and being able to see friends. At this time, there are many ways for children to learn, whether it be through work set by the Academy or getting out in the fresh air in the garden, where one is available—exercising together, cooking with family, arts and crafts, board games and a few films. Socialising online can be an excellent way for children to connect with friends, whether it is FaceTime calls or playing online games together such as Minecraft.

We have launched a new section of our website called the “Hub” in response to these partial closures. The section will be updated weekly; I hope you find resources and guidance based on your circumstances useful.

Key areas I would draw your attention to are:

  • For everyone:
    • Academy in action – a weekly summary of all the fantastic work happening in each Academy
  • For staff:
    • DfE update – this section will offer government guidance to schools and academies
    • Homeworking – tips to consider for colleagues who find themselves working from home
    • Learning and Development – opportunities to stretch your professional knowledge and understanding
  • For families:
    • Online pupil learning resources – here, you will find links to lots of free website content with learning resources and many key guidance documents for you. Including; parent home learning guide and tips to support younger children and coronavirus resources and tips for talking to children and young people

As a learning community, we urge you to follow government advice and stay safe. We will continue to keep you updated with the ever-changing situation and look forward to welcoming you back to our academies as soon as it is safe to do so.

There has never been a time where the health and wellbeing of the nation have been more critical. Take good care of each other.

Sean Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

Raleigh Learning Trust

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