Governance Structure

Composition of the Board

TrusteeField of ExpertiseLinked Academy
Brendan CoulsonEducation experitseDenewood Academy
Gloria SpencerFinance, Education expertiseAmbleside Academy
Brendan CoulsonEducation expertiseUnity Academy
Professor BernadetteEducation (Higher) and Science expertisen/a
Graham MansfieldEducation (Secondary) and GovernanceWoodlands Academy
Graham MansfieldEducation (Secondary) and GovernanceWestbury Academy
Eileen HartleyEducation and Governancen/a

Trustees understand their pivotal role of leadership in school success and seek to create a culture that recognises this and develop pathways that support our future leaders.

We will secure probity and a culture of continuous improvements by ensuring our leaders are held to account through a secure model of governance and trusteeship. Achieving this will be a reflection of the collective resolve throughout the Trust to review our skills and standards regularly and provide a clear commitment to the ethical principles that enshrine all that we do.

The composition of the Board was endorsed by the DfE at the establishment of the Trust in 2017, with the approved Articles of Association. We have since been approved as a sponsor.

We are preparing the Trust for growth. Expansion will be carefully considered by Trustees who will identify and secure the right capacity for wider growth. To support this aim, Trustees have approved the development of local governing bodies across the estate, adopting a National Governance Association (NGA) best practice cluster model.

The Trust believes in the principle of local voices and representation and is keen to hear from local parents and community members who are committed to joining us on our journey.

Governing Bodies performance is monitored by the CEO on behalf of the Trust and a model of governance peer review is proposed for the implementation cycle of this strategic plan.

The Raleigh Learning Trust is the employer of all staff in the Trust and must have oversight of policies and procedures pertaining to Human Resources and Financial Management.

The Trust has committed to undertaking the harmonisation of policies and monitoring compliance.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to intervene where governance falls below acceptable standards and provision is affected. At such a point the Raleigh Learning Trust would withdraw delegated responsibilities and replace Local Governing Body Clusters with an Interim Academy Board, or delegate a linked Trustee to sit on a Local Governing Body.

Register Of Members And Trustees

The Raleigh Learning Trust Delegated authority

The Raleigh Learning Trust Governance Structure

“The key benefit of volunteering as a local governor is learning how a school is run and operates and helping it to do so”
Graham Mansfield – Trustee

Trustees agreed to adopt a cluster governance model for local governance arrangements in the 2018 Autumn term Board meeting. The arrangements will cluster three groups of local governing bodies. These will be specialist clusters comprising of:

• Special Educational Needs Local Governing Body for Woodlands Academy and Westbury Academy.

• Alternative Education Governing Body for Denewood and Unity Pupil Referral Units (sponsored) and circa 21 local alternative education providers (supporting).

• Mainstream Primary Local Governing Body for Ambleside Primary Academy.

The decision to adopt clustering arrangements was influenced by a number of key factors:

1. Opportunities for specialised training targeted to cluster specific arrangements.

2. Manageable and organic growth developed through a clear implementation timeline.

3. Limiting each cluster to a maximum of three academies, trustees will be well placed to monitor future local governance capacity in relation to wider expansion.

A cluster model also provides a logical approach for further diversification into mainstream secondary. At this point, trustees will have achieved their ambition to ensure Academy leaders effectively utilise all facility and admission arrangements to support children’s social, emotional and academic developments.

The full Board and trustee committees meet termly:

• Audit, Finance and Resource Committee

• Performance and Standards Committee

• Vulnerable Groups and Transition Committee

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