Key Performance Indicators


  1. Within the Trust a clear distinction exists between Member, Trustee and Governor roles.
  2. All Members and Trustees fully understand their duties and responsibilities as company directors and charity trustees as laid out in the Companies Act 2006.
  3. All Academies have a full complement for their Local Governing Body Cluster.
  4. LGB Clusters have the right skills, experience and knowledge to undertake their defined responsibilities.
  5. The Nolan Principles of Public Service, as outlined in all previous Trust documentation are applied at all levels of governance.



  1. Value for money: ensure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of Trust funds.
  2. Annual financial accounts are reported accurately and appropriately in line with EFSA guidelines.
  3. Accounts filed with Companies House for public access by 31 December each year and on the Trust website by 31 January of the following year.
  4. All statutory returns are submitted on time.
  5. Staff costs are capped at an agreed percentage of total Trust income.
  6. Alternative sources of funding and capital development project funding is regularly and effectively pursued.
  7. Sufficient levels of income are reserved to ensure the long-term economic viability and growth of the Trust.


Human Resource

  1. All academies are fully staffed.
  2. All teachers work towards expectations set out in their performance management in line with the harmonised Trust policy.
  3. Trust-wide development opportunities made available for staff to work across the estate.
  4. Policy harmonisation adopted across the Trust.
  5. Trust-wide talent map and succession plan in place.



  1. Systems and resources are fit for purpose.
  2. Annual report demonstrating the impact of centrally procured resources on workload.

School Standards

  1. All academies are judged good or outstanding by Ofsted inspection ratings.
  2. Parent, staff and pupil survey data illustrates satisfaction rating consistently high.
  3. 3. Academies can    demonstrate how their curriculum is fully inclusive, engaging, and balanced for all children regardless of age, ability or background. To be demonstrated by improvements in attainment, attendance and attitudes to learning.
  4. 4. All academies are compliant with health and safety, safeguarding and other statutory requirements.



  1. 100% Statutory Servicing Compliance.
  2. 100% H&S Documentation Compliance.
  3. 100% H&SD Training Compliance.
  4. 3-year capital programme updated in December. Available for all trustees and governors.
  5. All future academies to receive a condition survey within 3 months of joining the Trust. All surveys reviewed every 5 years.

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