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Raleigh Learning Trust Conference July 2019

Friday 26th July saw the first Raleigh Learning Trust Conference and training event held at the Belfry Hotel. It was an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues. Our new CEO Sean Kelly produced a keynote speech that was inspirational and full of hope for the future of our Trust. He talked about hard work, vision and moral imperative, putting children at the heart of everything we do. The keynote produced a real buzz amongst delegates and created many different opportunities around the room for intense conversation, dedicated planning and a wholesale commitment to starting our new year with intent and purpose.

Another key feature of the day was a presentation from the Triad Academies around the individual projects they have been working on around memory retention and recall. Slides from the presentation are available and well worth re visiting as we begin our new term and start to plan our curriculum.

Westbury, Denewood and Unity provided colleagues with a comprehensive presentation on memory and issues related to ADHD and memory recall. They provided classroom teaching and learning strategies to support colleagues ensure retention and recall are as strong as possible. Woodlands provided a background to memory research and the creation of sans forgetica, a new font designed to support recall and retention.  All academies will continue to report back on how their individual projects are developing and further along the line a good practice guide will be created for colleagues gathering all the research findings from the projects and offering strategies to support young people with a range of needs.

Beth Greville-Giddens produced an excellent and well received learning support training session on memory and how to support learners retain and recall information. There will be more network sessions for learning support colleagues thorough out the new academic year around curriculum. If the feedback from this session was anything to go by they will be very well attended.

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